CNC Fiber Laser Market to Hit US$ 4,721.01 Million By 2030


New York, Sept. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to the research report “Global CNC Fiber Laser Market” published by Consegic Business Intelligence, the market was sized at USD 2,736.18 million in 2022 and is expected to reach over USD 4,721.01 million by the year 2030, growing at a CAGR of 7.3%. Camera Positioning Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Fiber Laser Market to Hit US$ 4,721.01 Million By 2030

A CNC fiber laser is a computer-controlled machining system that utilizes a high-powered fiber laser source to cut, engrave, and mark various materials with precision. The technology combines Computer Numerical Control (CNC) capabilities, allowing for automated and intricate designs to be executed accurately on materials including metal, plastic, and wood. The fiber laser’s concentrated and intense beam rapidly heats and vaporizes the material, resulting in precise cuts with minimal heat-affected zones. Additionally, CNC fiber laser machines are adopted in various end-use industries including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and jewelry among others.

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The increasing investment by the government in improving the infrastructure serves as the major factor responsible for fueling the growth of CNC fiber laser market. Infrastructure projects require the fabrication of precise components for bridges, tunnel, railways, and other structures. CNC fiber laser excel at precision cutting, engraving, and shaping of various materials, thus becoming an indispensable tool for producing high-quality components for such projects. For instance, in May 2023, the United Kingdom government invested USD 40 billion for global infrastructure and economic development. Additionally, the investment of USD 15 million was also made to support renewable energy, energy storage and microgrid projects all across the continent.

Moreover, the integration of CNC fiber lasers with additive manufacturing (AM) is projected to create significant opportunities for the market growth. CNC fiber lasers in combination with additive manufacturing precisely melt and fuse metal powders layer by layer, enabling the creation of intricate and complex geometries that were challenging to achieve with traditional subtractive manufacturing methods. However, poor ventilation of CNC fiber laser machines is hampering the growth of the market.

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CNC Fiber Laser Market Growth Drivers:

Global CNC Fiber Laser Market Segmentation Details:

Based on Type, the stationary segment contributed the largest shares to the market growth in 2022 owing to the high stability, precision, and versatility. Additionally, stationary CNC fiber lasers are designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, offering a solid and rigid structure that minimizes vibrations and ensures consistent cutting or engraving quality. Moreover, the stationary nature of the machines enhances accuracy by reducing the chances of movement-related errors during operation. Furthermore, machines are also preferred for high-volume production and complex designs, leading to increased adoption in various end-use industries including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and electronics. Consequently, the aforementioned factors are collectively responsible in propelling the growth of the stationary CNC fiber laser segment.

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Based on Product, the CNC fiber laser cutters segment offered substantial shares to the market in the year 2022 owing to the high speed, precision, and accuracy. Additionally, CNC fiber laser cutters offer high-quality cuts on various materials, energy efficiency, and minimal maintenance. Moreover, the growing adoption of fiber laser cutters in industrial applications due to the ability to handle intricate designs and fast cutting speeds is also spurring the market growth. In conclusion, the above-mentioned factors are contributing remarkably in driving the growth of CNC fiber laser market.

Based on Application, metal fabrication holds the largest market share in 2022 owing to the high precision and efficiency of fiber lasers. CNC fiber lasers are employed for various tasks including cutting, engraving, and welding metals. Additionally, lasers also offer high accuracy, speed, and versatility, becoming ideal for intricate designs, complex shapes, and even mass production. Moreover, the CNC fiber lasers allow cutting of metals of varying thickness, further driving the growth of metal fabrication segment. In addition, the emergence of advanced technologies including BrightLine Weld to distribute the laser power between the core and the surrounding ring in a two-in-one laser light cable to process thin sheets of steel and aluminum is also contributing to the market growth.

Based on End-User, the construction segment offered substantial shares to the global CNC fiber laser market in the year 2022 as CNC fiber laser are utilized to precisely cut metal sheets and plates for various construction components including beams, columns, trusses, and connectors. The high-speed cutting and ability to handle various metal thicknesses enable accurate fabrication of parts that are crucial for structural integrity. Additionally, CNC fiber lasers are employed to cut and shape structural steel elements used in buildings and bridges. The lasers create intricate cuts and notches required for joints, connections, and custom designs, resulting in accurate fits and smooth assembly, reducing on-site adjustments and labor costs. Moreover, CNC fiber lasers cut metals into intricate patterns, decorative screens, and façade elements, enhancing the aesthetics of buildings and thus, contributing to unique architectural designs.

Based on Region, North America has been a major contributor to the growth of the CNC fiber laser market. The growth is attributed to the region’s strong emphasis in research and development and the presence of large number of research institutions that drive the innovation in laser technology. Additionally, the increasing investment by the government in improving the infrastructure, particularly in United States and Canada is also contributing significantly in boosting the market growth.

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List of Major Global CNC Fiber Laser Market Players

The market research report examines various market factors to determine the key drivers, limitations, and opportunities affecting market players. The report includes a SWOT analysis, regional analysis, and segment analysis to give a complete view of the market situation. This evaluation helps to identify possible growth opportunities through product utilization, business strategies, and the launch of new products. The following are major market players operating in the market environment —

Global CNC Fiber Laser Market Segmentation: 

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Key Questions Covered in the CNC Fiber Laser Market Report

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CNC Fiber Laser Market to Hit US$ 4,721.01 Million By 2030

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